The Eco Xmas Tree
How To Build An Eco Xmas Tree
for an environmental-friendlier Christmas!

Book CoverThe Eco Xmas Tree book walks you through the simple steps to build your own solution--the Eco Xmas Tree. What is the Eco Xmas Tree? It consists of a wooden "trunk," made of 2" by 4"s, which is attached to a wooden base. Simply drill holes in the trunk and then place pine branches into each hole. With the Eco Xmas Tree, you can make your tree using your choice of tree branches. Each Christmas, you adorn the "trunk" with fresh-cut pine branches. Never again will you have bare sports on your Christmas tree; all you have to do is drill another hole in the trunk and place a branch into the hole to cover the bare spot. When you're done, the Eco Xmas Tree looks and smells just like a real Christmas tree--the only difference is that you aren't killing a tree each year. Just like a real Christmas tree, you can hang ornaments on it and place presents beneath it. The whole family will enjoy the scent of fresh pine but no one will notice the difference.

Enjoy the Beauty and Aroma of a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Without the Guilt! Build an Eco-Christmas Tree! To get this easy-to-read guide, buy The Eco Xmas Tree book, by clicking here.